Repudiate –Before it’s too late.

“Repudiate – To reject as unauthorized, untrue,  or unjust.  To refuse to acknowledge or pay”.   We have no legal or moral obligation to bail out Wall Street junk bonds by doubling the NJ gasoline tax.    We have no legal or moral right to bail out insolvent pension funds with a 10% sales tax, so some 2,000 mostly political insiders—who paid peanuts into the system–get lifetime payments of more than $100,000 per year.

All material on this site was researched and posted by  We are a non-political education organization of 81 citizen volunteers founded in 2003.   If you see any grammatical or factual errors, please bring them to our attention as soon as possible so we can correct them.    We invite you to learn more about us from our website or Liberty and Prosperity Facebook page.  We also hold breakfast discussions every Saturday morning from 9:30 to 10:30 at the Shore Diner by Parkway Exit 36 in Egg Harbor Twp., NJ   We welcome your tax deductible donations to deliver messages like this to our children and grandchildren who will suffer most if this continues.   Thank you for your interest and support.

7 thoughts on “Repudiate –Before it’s too late.”

  1. I feel sad for NJ, but I feel worse about this country. New Jersey, its problems are but a mirror image of the degradation of the moral fiber of our citizens.

    taking money your not entitled to
    not repaying loans
    spending money that’s not yours
    give me, give me, give me….

    What do we do?

    Watch out, Hillary and her bandits are coming.

    1. Thank you for your interest. Our focus is now on repudiating debt without voter approval because everything else we did during past 12 years failed. We cannot defeat corrupt politicians funded with billions of dollars of borrowed money. Our new plan is to shut off the flow of borrowed money first. Then fight corrupt politicians.

  2. Great web page Seth – I wish every person living in NJ would see and read it! Excellent recounting of history, explanation of what’s going on/going bad, and simple solution to repudiate.

  3. Pension cap of $50,000/yr is a good first step. I was polled asking leading questions about a new gasoline tax. Beware.

  4. Spot-on website that will catch everyone up on NJ’s path to self-destruction. Easy read, with great clarity. Factual, not biased. As always, another terrific job by Liberty and Prosperity! Thank you Seth and friends.

  5. According to data universe, Atlantic City has 30 people collecting $100,000+ pensions, compared to 6 in Camden, which has twice the population. WTF?

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Repudiate –Before it’s too late. A project.