No Gas Tax Hike!

No Gas Tax Hike!

Years ago, politicians lied when they said a new 3% state sales tax, and 2% state income tax would cut local property taxes.   They are doing it again with the gas tax.

The $1.5 billion we already pay in tolls and gas taxes each year is more than enough for safe roads and bridges.

The problem is that Democrats and Republicans on the NJ Transportation Trust Fund Authority recklessly spent way too much–including billions on projects that had nothing to do with roads and bridges.    Over the years, they borrowed $16 billion–all without voter approval as required by our state Constitution.

Our State Supreme Court repeatedly ruled that state taxpayers have no legal obligation to pay these bonds.   Investors got clear written warnings of the risk.

Nearly 180 years ago, reckless spending and borrowing by state governments caused a nationwide economic collapse called “The Panic of 1837”.     We fixed the economy by adopting a new State Constitution in 1844 that required voter approval before the state could borrow any money.

During the past 50 years, state politicians and clever lawyers created dozens of “authorities” to avoid this safeguard.    That is why we have such high debt, corruption and taxes in NJ today.

Let’s follow our State Constitution again.   Tell State Senators Beck and Kyrillos and our Assembly people to stop funding debt that was not approved by voters.    Let the rotten Transportation Trust Fund Authority go bankrupt and shut down.    Then we can again spend all of our gas tax and toll money on  roads and bridges.

 Seth Grossman, the executive director of Liberty & Prosperity 1776 (, is a former Atlantic City Council member and Atlantic County freeholder, and ran in the 2013 Republican primary for New Jersey governor.

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