9 POINT PROGRAM: It’s only too late if we don’t start now!

  1. Know the History:   In 1844, NJ changed State Constitution so state government could no longer borrow money without voter approval.   This was also made part of new 1947 NJ Constitution. It got NJ out of debt  and 1837 Depression.  It made NJ one of most prosperous and least taxed states for next 120  years.   NJ has unsustainable debt, taxes, and corruption today because both Republican and Democrat judges on State Supreme Court refused to apply and enforce this part of NJ State Constitution for past 50 years.
  2. Know the Numbers:   NJ’s 3.1 million taxpayers cannot afford, and at some point will stop paying NJ’s $183 billion debts and pensions.  Only question is when and how.   The sooner we stop paying the people most responsible for the problem,  the less damage done, and  the fewer people hurt.    The longer we delay, the more damage done and the more innocent people hurt.
  3. Know the Law:   Although the NJ Supreme Court foolishly allowed  state agencies and authorities to make promises to pay $183 billion in debts and pensions, it repeatedly stated that most of those promises are NOT enforceable, and that NJ taxpayers legally owe only 2% of that amount–debts that were approved by voters in statewide referendums.   Public offering statements warned investors  for years that NJ “junk” bonds are NOT backed by full faith and credit of state, and can be worthless at any time.
  4. Know Truth about Gas Tax:   The $1.6 billion we already pay in gasoline taxes is more than enough to build and fix our roads and bridges.  There is no need to reason to double gas tax other than to  bail out NJ “junk” bonds and the Wall Street banks that sold them.
  5. Know your Investments:    Don’t buy or own NJ “junk” bonds.    Don’t buy or own investment funds that hold NJ “junk” bonds.  Tell your financial advisor to read the fine print!
  6. Know your Pension:   Tell your government and union pension managers to get rid of NJ “junk” bonds as quick as possible.   If they refuse, demand an investigation.
  7. Know the  roughly 2,000 “political insiders”  who are quickly draining the NJ Pension funds by collecting more  than $100,000 per year in “early retirement”  benefits they never paid for.  Learn how delayed retirement to age 66 and capping pensions at $50,000/year are the only ways to save pensions for everyone else.
  8. Know your Politicians:   Apply  Center for Self-Government Methods to find out which members of U.S. Congress, and the NJ Senate and Assembly are “pillars” who will repudiate NJ’s unconstitutional “junk” bonds and stop running NJ’s insolvent pension funds like a Ponzi scam for insiders.   Find out which public officials are  obstacles.
  9. Support officials who are “pillars” Be/Support a candidate for Governor, Congress, State Senate, or Assembly when necessary to remove “obstacles” in 2016 and 2017 elections.

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